Cody Simpson days.


Day 1: Your favorite picture of Cody Simpson.

Day 2: Your favorite Cody Simpson music video.

Day 3: Your favorite Cody Simpson interview.

Day 4: Your favorite Cody Simpson merch item.

Day 5: Your favorite Cody GIF

Day 6: Your favorite picture of Cody & Alli.

Day 7: Your favorite Cody song.

Day 8: Your favorite Cody lyric.

Day 9: Your favorite Cody outfit.

Day 10: How did you find Cody Simpson?

Day 11: Your first Cody video.

Day 12: How long have you been a Cody fan?

Day 13: What do you think is Cody’s best feature?

Day 14: Would you rather be Cody’s best friend or girlfriend?

Day 15: Why do you love Cody Simpson?


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